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5th August 2021 
About. Grey

Some things you may want to know.

I have been, at various times, and sometimes altogether, a tutor of writing and language, a piano teacher, a poet, a gilder, a putter together of veg boxes, a mother, and a companion to a wise dog.

I am interested in the imaginal, the liminal, and the marginal, in language as a form of embodiment, in dreaming and in wildness.
I am also interested in the political context of psychotherapy, the way we carry our histories, both personal and collective, in the bones of us.

My therapy training and qualifications are in Embodied-Relational Therapy, Wild Therapy, and Group Facilitation.
I regularly attend workshops and trainings in support of my practice, and have monthly one to one supervision.
My first degree was in English Literature and I have a diploma in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia.

I belong to ERTA, the Association for Embodied-Relational Therapists, which meets twice yearly, and to the Body Psychotherapy Network UK, where I’m a member of the Steering Group.
For ERT’s website, which has information on trainings and workshops, go here
I am also a member of Therapy Network East, along with other locally based therapists who know, support and stand by my work.

Fees and such

I usually charge on a sliding scale, between 45 and 60 per session.
I reserve the right to charge for sessions missed or cancelled with less than 24hrs notice.

I work from my home in Norwich (and outdoors by agreement), online, and by phone.**
I am a twenty minute walk from the centre of town, or a ten minute bus ride.
Some free parking is available in the street.

I like to let people know that I have a small but essential dog.

** At the moment, due to restrictions around the Coronavirus, I am working entirely by phone, Zoom, or Skype. I‘m finding that this actually works very well, it’s very possible to work in an embodied and aware way through these media, and right now it seems to me to provide the best opportunity of working in a spontaneous, undefended way.

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