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20th July 2018 


Here you will find current and recent workshops.
I run workshops both locally and nationally, often in collaboration with other therapists.
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Embodied Counter-Transference June Workshop

Embodied Counter-Transference
Working Relationally with the Wild in the Client Therapist Dyad
Allison Priestman with Kate O'Halloran
Unstone Grange, Derbyshire.
19-21 June 2015, a residential weekend workshop.
280/240/210. (Early Bird 18 May)

Transference and Counter-Transference are psychological but also bodily processes. The concept that all transference/counter transference is embodied, will be introduced and the implications of this will be explored. Through our bodies we experience the internal conflicts of our clients. With our clients, we are part of an asymmetrical, but mutual system, where each is impacted and affected by the other. On this workshop we will be exploring a new paradigm, of how to understand the complexities of transference/ counter-transference dynamics; which draws from Embodied-Relational and Wild therapy.

The process of therapy is wild. Like wildness it can seem to be chaotic, messy, non-rational, dreamlike and have its own wisdom. We will offer the concept of altered states as a way to conceptualise working relationally with wildness and transference dynamics. On this weekend we will explore how to use all of our relational resources, our capacity to be intuitive and intellectual, to be embodied and en-minded, to enter other realms, other realities and return. How do we support Wild Mind?...our ability to listen to the wider, wild intelligence inside us and of which we are a part.

Offering an experiential and theoretical space to explore, play and build insights together. Our aim is to create a safe and contained environment where deep professional and personal learning can take place.

The residential weekend will be held at Unstone Grange, North Derbyshire. Unstone Grange is a comfortably shabby residential centre with five acres of organic gardens and land near Chesterfield. Everyone will have their own room. We will be making our own meals from mainly organic, vegetarian, wholefood ingredients.

Summer Solstice
We will celebrate the longest day of the year, with a big bonfire on the Saturday evening. Living, socialising and working together, throughout the weekend, will be an important part of the workshop.

Cost and Bookings
The cost is fully inclusive of teaching, accommodation and food. Early bird price, 240 (before 18 May), full cost 280. Camping or concessions early bird price 210, (before 15 May) or 240. Deposit 110.

Please contact Alison for further information and to book [email protected] 01453 731226

Allison Priestman
I am an experienced Embodied-Relational Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Trainer; working in private practice in Stroud, Gloucestershire. I am a member of the training team, for the postgraduate training in Embodied-Relational Therapy. My professional bodies are the EABP, (European Association of Body Psychotherapy) and CABP, (Chiron Association for Body Psychotherapists). My aim is to create safe, stimulating and stretching training and supervisory learning environments. Full details of my work can be found at

Kate O'Halloran
I have over 20 years experience of supporting process, as a facilitator and workshop leader.
I practise as an Embodied-Relational Therapist and Wild Therapist, indoors and outdoors, in Norwich. I am interested in the imaginal, the liminal, and the marginal, in language as a form of embodiment, in dreaming and in wildness. I am also a steering group member of Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility (PCSR) which aims to locate psychotherapy and counselling in its social context. I am currently editor of its magazine, Transformations.

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