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20th July 2018 

Poems and such

Writing is an important part of my life.
Here you will find various bits and bobs. I change them around from time to time.


I forget everything
How peace feels like a hot orange lollipop in my head
Or a comet
With its tail down my spine

The opposite of dread
How it threads fascia
The way a lover holds hands

Cellophane men peel off my back in the heat
Like fortune fish
They curl up

Winter Blodeuwedd

sometimes I go dark,
like theatres do
don't worry, the dark is delicious

it's resting,
like the elephant in the field
I told you about?

She stayed until nearly February,
telling me things
(including how to rest
after a long captivity)

These last days, she is
folding into herself, back through
elephant babyhood

melting down to the bare bramble
bones, making space
for sky
visiting birds

Attachment Theory

The wind outside on its hinges
signs a mechanical baby elephant
hooting for its mother

Inside, the clock mothers,
curtains blow in the open window
tetherings arrive like starlings